A close encounter with a baby Langur

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Baby Langur
Kanha National ParkPATIENCE PAYS OFF!
After having a good lunch at the dining room of the hotel, I was just coming down the steps when I saw a band of Langur Monkeys with some babies in them as well.
I decided to get my camera and spend some time near them, I noticed a mother with her baby and decided to slowly approach them in a non-threatening manner. I sat on the steps but I was still pretty far away and wanted to get closer. Whenever the mother looked the other way I moved myself closer.
Once I was at a good distance, I set up my camera and waited for some movements.
I noticed that the small baby would try coming near me and then run back to its mother as if I was a threat to him. Within an hour or so the mother and the baby got more comfortable around me and he kept coming closer and closer, looking straight into my eyes as if asking for something.
This picture was taken when he came really close to me, so much so that I could have touched him but obviously I wouldn’t.
The light was perfect although I would have wished that the background was clear of distractions.
Focal- 140mm


A close encounter with a two month old baby Langur. Kanha National Park

A close encounter with a two month old baby Langur. Kanha National Park

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