“Nature conceals its beauty not because of its cunning but by the means of its essential grandeur.” – Albert Einstein


Natures Bliss......

STORIES from the FIELD………… These shots were taken way back in 2011, in Masai Mara, Kenya

This was the last day of my 5 day tour and I always longed to see lion cubs in the wild. So I asked my naturalist to find out if any of the prides had small cubs. After talking to some other naturalists and park rangers, he told me that one of the lionesses from the Talek pride had 4 young cubs.

Hearing this I got really excited and told him that we will focus only on finding the Lioness and her cubs tomorrow. We took an early start, around 5:30 am and decided on the root that we would follow and the places we would look at. Since the Talek prides territory was far from the base camp as well as covered a large area, it was not gonna be an easy task.

A few hours into the drive we saw the Talek pride, 14 Lions together, mostly lionesses and sub adults. We spent about 2 hours with them and decided to move on. Shortly after that we spotted a heard of elephants followed by a female rhino and then followed by the 3 big males of the Talek pride. Since the males were at a distance we decided to wait for some time but they had better plans – sleep all day. So after two and a half or three hours of waiting we moved on. All this including a stop for breakfast and lunch got us to 4 pm.
We still had two hours left in the park and were desperately trying to look for any signs of the female and her cubs. Our luck had been excellent today and it was about to get better. We entered a small forest patch in the midst of the plains and as soon as we took a right…. there she was. Laying peacefully with 4 of her cubs………………….…………. And that was the happiest moments of my life.

An angry lioness

An angry lioness


Being able to observe and photograph for a full 45 minutes……. the future kings and queens of the African Savannah. The future of this species……. a future riddles with obstacles and hardships and a future………………..………… which may be BLEAK!

Unless man makes an effort…… long live the Lions.


Canon 5D Mk II + Canon 70-300 f/4-5.6 L IS
Exposure: 320
ISO: 1/320

Lioness and Cubs

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