Approaching subjects during a jungle safari.

Common Mistakes People make during a Safari:

This is the Dhamdhama female from Bandhavgarh, one of the oldest and biggest females of Bandhavgarh. Believe me, she is huge… and her thick mane almost makes her look like a male.
Now here is the common mistake that many jeep drivers maker during a safari. When they see an animal walking towards the jeep track and expect it to cross the track further away, the drivers try to drive towards it to get a close look (of course while maintaining the required distance). But for photographers it will not work as the vehicle will be moving when the animal is crossing the track and you cannot soot. Further it may actually scare some animals away, especially younger tigers. This has happened to me many times, where all I can think of is the shot and forget to tell the driver what to do.

Eye Nose Mouth

You will need to ask the driver to stop and not drive when you predict the animal to cross the track. Further, if you want an eye level shot such as this one, you will need to ask your driver to align the vehicle horizontally on the safari track (while still maintaining a good distance), you can get low in the vehicle and then shoot (never step off the vehicle). Also you need to have your settings ready and click when it crosses.

Hope these small tips will help you make memorable images and not miss the opportunity.


Canon 5D Mark II + Canon 500mm f4.0 L IS II, ISO 1250
Evaluative Metering -1/3 Stop,
Aperture Priority,
WB at 5600K.

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