My First Ever Leopard Sighting

Here’s a photograph from the morning safari. This is the so called “Classic Kabini Shot” where in the leopard is perched up on a tree and resting. This was always a dream shot for me and the misty conditions due to the rain made it even better.

All these years of travel and I was not able to see a leopard until now. Missed a few by a flick of a Tail back in Kenya’s Masaimara, and many many more in the Indian Reserves. They are truly ghosts of the Jungle.

I did not know what to anticipate when I first saw this beauty, it was my first time. I did not know the behavioral and the general movement patterns, on top of that the sheer excitement of spotting one was clouding my judgment and ability to keep my hands still while shooting.

I feel so blessed to be able to do what I do at such a young age, and thoroughly honored and lucky that nature through at me one of its most beautiful creatures. I learned a lot today in the safari both by observing and in the knowledgeable environment of my companions especially Mr.Kiran Nagendra.

Got some great shots and a video too, which I will post later.Words can no more express my happiness, satisfaction and awe. Thank you all especially my family, for the kind support. And thank you so much Mother Nature…….

_MG_3929 copy

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