Parks to watch out for in the summer of 2015

An eye to eye. Tigress at Bandhavgarh National Park

An eye to eye. Tigress at Bandhavgarh National Park


1) Ranthambore Tiger Reserve
– Lots of opportunities to see the subadult cubs of Krishna (T 19) with three cubs, Noor (T 39), Ladli (T8) with one cub, Old Sultanpur female (T13) with her 3 young cubs and Sunehri (T17) and her two cubs. Since most of them tare big now, they will be more active and their mother will be less worried and less strict with them, allowing them to venture out and explore on their own.
– Sultan (T2), Star Male (T28) and Ustaad (T24) are very active.
– Besides sightings have been excellent this season.

2) Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve
– Rajbehra Subadults, still looking to convert their temporary activities into permanent ones.
– Sukhi Patiha has 3 young cubs and so does Banbehi. Sightings should increase in the summer months. Mirchehni is said to be pregnant (not sure). There are two subadults in Khitouli zone though very shy.
– Young males (Mahaman subadult, Rajbehra Subadult) are constantly on the prowl and possibly looking for a mate.
– Rajbehra subadult females, dotty krishna and kajri are also very active since they have not mated yet (at-least thats what has been conveyed to me).
– With Bamera’s fall, the erstwhile king new and much larger males such as Mangu and Jobi are on constant move as they surely wish to rule over this paradise.

3) Tadoba Tiger Reserve
– Subadult as well as very young cubs (4 months old) in Kolsa range present a great opportunity.
– Telia Subadults and Wagdohs subadults are very active.
– Besides Tadoba always surprises tourists.

4) Pench Tiger Reserve
– Two females (Collarwali and Bhagin Nala) have cubs who are now quite grown up, therefore are very active and not shy at all. Especially a sub-adult known as chota charger loves to approach vehicles.
– BMW male is constantly on the prowl.
– The sightings in Pench have significantly gone up this year attracting a lot of enthusiasts and photographers.

Book your tickets now: Plan ahead of time, at least 3 months in advance as there are limited number of safari tickets for each day and the booking opens 4 months in advance. Given the popularity of these parks, with their increased sightings the tourism would be in full flow.

This information is solely my own interpretation based on the information I receive from guides as well as other photographers and enthusiasts. Thus it is by no means a final set. Please feel free to correct me if I may have written something thats wrong.

I am visiting Pench and Bandhavgarh in May. The summer holds a lot of excitements, promises and blissfulness…… can’t wait……


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