Photo Tip – Eye Level Shooting Technique

Photography Tips- Eye Level Shooting
I get many questions from people on how I get eye level or ground level shots. Do I get out of the car? Hang my camera out of the car? – Absolutely not, it is strictly prohibited, extremely dangerous, can disturb the animal and I strictly refrain from doing these things.


I travel in a jeep (below) that is modified to help me get to eye level. All Safari Vehicles usually have two-tiers of seating. We just remove the first tier in order to get a lower angle (and if its only me in the vehicle, I remove both the seats). Most photographers do this and it is quite easy to do so. You just have to ask your driver/hotel to provide you with a vehicle, whose seat can be taken off.


It is critical that you own a beanbag for this kind of shot. Depending upon where you buy them from, beanbags are extremely reasonable (200-1500 rupees). Using a beanbag will give a lot stability and a position to balance your camera. It can make a difference between a sharp and an unsharp image. I always carry a beanbag for all my photography trips.
If feasible a tripod can be useful too, however it will be harder to use it because it is not as mobile as a beanbag.

This is how my gear is setup in the vehicle and I cover it with a sheet when the vehicle moves.

This is how my gear is setup in the vehicle and I cover it with a sheet when the vehicle moves.

Important Note:
– Max of 2 people is good for this kind of shooting.
– Anything more is not recommended as you cannot have 3 photographers share the Gypsy floor for eye level shooting. – It may look fun, but sitting on the floor in moving vehicle is definitely not comfortable.
– Use bean bags on the side of the Gypsy for better support for your equipment as shown in the photograph.
– Wear comfortable clothes… and bare foot is the best as it gives you a lot of flexibility to move around fast in the vehicle.
– Put a blanket or some cushioning on the floor of the jeep to make yourself a bit comfortable.
– Keep what ever equipment you have on the floor of the Gypsy for easy and fast choosing of equipment.
– Do not keep them inside the bag to protect from dust, instead put a towel or a sheet on them.

Another eye level shot.

Another eye level shot.

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More tips on field shooting techniques will be shared on my website to help beginners and also advanced users to understand and learn. Hope they help.

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