Tip: Want to be a good wildlife photographer?

Want to be a good wildlife photographer? Spend sometime around the common subjects.
Remember the exotic (Big Cats) is easy to photograph, it is the common that test you as a photographer.

Any kind of photography is dependent on the composition of a photograph. The correct position of the subject, exposure, ISO, using focus creatively, white balance etc.

One common mistake that most people, visiting the National Parks, make is to only look for the big game in order to pick up their camera and start shooting to get “Good shots.” You have to master the art of shooting any subject from birds to Tigers, the best way to learn is through shooting common subjects. Common subjects can help you in improving your skills as a wildlife photographer. It can help you in understanding the various strategies for better composition and also train your hand and mind for quick work and thinking.

Man-Ki Shanti. Bharatpur Archives

Man-Ki Shanti. Bharatpur Archives



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