What is that?

“Bhaiya wo kya hai” (what is that) the smallest of the bunch asks looking at my camera kept in the jeep, and then their curiosity kept me on my toes for quite some time as a process of sharing knowledge and showing images of Tigers started.

Of theTigers that these kids have never seen but know that those Tigers live just a few kilometers away and further know and even speak up that “baagh hamesha yahaan k jungle mein rehna chahiye” (the tiger should always be in this forest)

I ask “kyun” (why)

The little one says “mamma bolti hai ki wo baarish lata hai” (mom says that it gets rain)

My heart was filled with warmth during and after this small meeting. You’ll be amazed by their sense of excitement, curiosity and sheer understanding.
Thanks to the interviewing process I am able to interact with a lot of people from the nearby villages of Bandhavgarh. This is a part of my project that I wish to launch soon for the benefit of both the people and wildlife of the area.11870698_10207763068818936_1956111535377173466_n


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