Not out of malice, but for the need to survive. A young male tiger with a deer fawn. Bandhavgarh National Park, India

It was just a little past noon when I observed a young male standing underneath a tendu tree. His gaze was locked on a heard of deer grazing in the distance. Slowly the tiger began to prowl and crouch. And within a few seconds he was up on his feet and started to move in an odd manner in the grass around him sniffing for something. It was rather strange and we were not able to understand it. 

Suddenly, he lunged into a patch and out of nowhere came the loud and painful shrills of a deer fawn. Probably born just a few hours ago, the fawn, unable to walk was just hiding in the grass. The young and inexperienced tiger had not killed the fawn yet, if you look closely the eyes of the fawn are still wide open. He came out onto the road and took a few steps straight towards us before disappearing into the bushes to the right. 

It was an experience of a lifetime! It is important to note that a predator must hunt in order to survive, its not being cruel or acting out of malice. It is just instinctively trying to live. .