I  have never seen a volcano 🌋 in my life before, but on my last trip to Costa Rica, I was grateful to be right beside a young volcano named Arenal which has been dormant since 2010. Volcanoes are in fact very important to our ecosystem. Besides providing rich nutrients to the soil, volcanoes - ironically - help in cooling off the planet. When volcanic ash and compounds like sulfur dioxide are released into the atmosphere, it reflects some of the Sun’s rays back into space, a process which is known as “global dimming.” 

Now you may be wondering, well what about all the CO2 emissions? Volcanoes are estimated to release, in total, around 100–300 million tonnes of CO2 each year, according to the US Geological Survey. That's a large quantity, but only around 1% of the amount that humans release from burning fossil fuel alone. WOW!


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