It requires tremendous amounts of patience and perseverance to track and photograph tigers . It could take an hour, a couple of hours or even a few days and you still may not be able to spot let along photograph one. Over the past decade I have been lucky enough to track, observe and understand 74 individualsđŸ¯ Every single encounter is surprisingly etched in my memory. These photographs are from nearly four years ago. Till date this is my longest tiger chase, when I was on a trip to the buffer zones of Bandhavgarh, which is relatively unexplored compared to the rest of the National Park. I observed her pug-marks on the very first day, heard her growl the next but her presence alluded me for 4 full days and over 65 hours of mind numbing, back breaking drives around and round the forest. But when I finally saw her, it was all the more worth it… Patience and perseverance is the essence of tiger tracking