Curious Cub - Award Winner

Some photos are timeless and their memories are edged in our minds for eternity. This is one such shot which I took way back in the summer of 2015. After, 5 excruciating days full of dust and heat, I found three little cubs, burning bright in the fading golden light of that summer evening. Their present seemed so innocent, yet their future so uncertain… a couple months after I took this shot, at the age of 19, it won me my first award: The Natures Best Photography Asia - Wildlife Category. The photo was titled: “Eye to Eye with The Future of a Troubled Species.” The moment has been so profoundly edged in my memory that even after 4 years, not a week goes by that I do not think of that evening… precisely because of something devastating that happened to this little tiger. I hope to share her story on my book which I have been working on for the past year  🐅
I use special UV-resistant inks and coat each canvas with a protective layer that prevents against fading and dust damage, so your print will need very little additional care. If required, give it a quick clean using a dusting cloth or vacuum with brush attachment. As your canvas won't like getting wet, please don't use any kind of cleaning liquid to wipe or spray it. Provided you keep your canvas free of dust, moisture and direct sunlight, it will last for many years. If you do happen to notice any fading or warping, just give me a shout – all my prints are guaranteed for 20 years against this happening.
International products will be packaged in a protective tube for delivery. Also available for India, in case you would like to get the photograph framed yourself.

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