Nirmala Kedia

As an adventurer, I have visited many Safari Parks around India. But #SafariwithSuyash came in as the most surprising and enchanting exploration I have ever had! I never had the chance of seeing the charm of a living tiger before. With Suyash Keshari I saw tigers, not only once but multiple times on a single safari trip.

The most enthralling aspect about “SafariwithSuyash” was the entire package – a series of spontaneously fulfilled moments which he designs with utmost passion and care for his esteemed guests. Each minute of the adventure has a unique charm of its own ornated by the wilderness and Suyash’s intricately planned events.Those precious 5 days shall remain as one the most memorable times I have ever had.
Shall always look forward to making another trip .. once more and once more…!

Nirmala (Pinky) Kedia, a psychologist from Kolkata, India!!

Sachin Nalwa

Once I decided to visit the jungles after a year, the question was who should I choose to make this trip a memorable one. Being an avid nature lover and a passionate photographer, I was looking for someone on the same wavelength. The only name and face that struck me was Suyash Keshari. Having bumped into him once while walking in Lodhi Gardens, and followed him on Instagram, I instantly knew that only he could do justice to the trip I was urging for.

After having signed up initially for the Group Tour, I decided to do a Private Safari too with him. With almost 12 safaris with him, honestly I was a bit nervous before the trip about thinking if I had stretched it too far on a single trip and that too my first with Suyash.

I had an early morning flight from Delhi and I received a message from Suyash at 6.30am to check on me. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with his level of involvement. And it did not stop at that. From the time I was picked up from the Airport to the welcome at the resort, everything was taken care of in the best possible way. The luxurious & comfortable stay and the delicious food was one of the many highlights of the tour.

My private tour was extremely well planned. From modifying the jeep to ensure that I get the best photographic shots to having one of his best team members driving for me, and all this time accompanying me in a hands on manner, the moment I started with my first safari, I knew I was in good hands.

As they say the jungle is as beautiful as your mentor makes it to be. And for me I had the best mentor on board. Guiding me to the minutest of details in photography, he ensured that I get the best possible shots in the safari and also take my level of photography to the next level. Adding to the experience and learning was these amazing trivia and explanations about nature, understanding animal behavior such as tiger territory markings, understanding tiger tracking, learning names of unique trees & so much more, it was an experience like no other. Thanks to him I saw Bandhavgarh with a totally new perspective, even though I had been there earlier. Each moment was a moment that I would cherish and remember for the rest of my life.

And just when I thought that I had an extremely successful and satisfying private safari, the group tour started. As the other guests kept coming in we hit it off from the time we all said “Hi” to each other. Every single day was planned out meticulously to ensure that we get the most out of each day. There were new learnings and experiences on the safaris each day(with almost 14 Tiger, Sloth bear, Leopard sightings among so many more 😊), night safaris, super fun breakfasts in the Jungle and chilling out in the evenings listening to the forest sounds and Suyash’s safari stories with drinks in hand, fire in front of you and stars above you, it was all so much fun. This along with delicious meals ensured we never had a dull moment in the entire trip.

What I carried back was not only some awesome photographs but plenty of knowledge, fun memories and new friends who became a family. This trip has made me evolve as a nature lover and value wildlife even more than I ever did. I can go on and on with the amazing experiences I had but now it’s up to you to go and experience a life changing experience called “Safari With Suyash”.  


Yuvraj Aggarwal

I had the most remarkable experience with Suyash Keshari.

I am just a 17 year old and going 600 kilometers away from home alone with people I had never met was something which made me quite hesitant but within those 5 days, those strangers became a family to me. The people, the hospitality, the staff, the team members, the food, the accommodation, everything was perfect.

The masterclass before the trip was very informative but the best experience was the training on the field from Suyash himself. I learnt so much on this tour that the photos I had clicked before the tour seemed so bad to me that I decided to close my previous photography account and start a new one. Another thing that I admired was that he had put in extra effort in making sure that like-minded people were sitting together in gypsies and in the case of double-room sharing, he made sure that people got roommates their age or of similar interests.

Bandhavgarh is an amazing place, and Suyash is the perfect person to host you there. So if you’re having any doubts, get rid of them and sign up because it will be the time of your life.

Roxane and Paul

I planned a surprise birthday safari for my significantly better other, per chance finding Suyash via his beautiful Instagram. I had found my tiger loving photographer guide for my tiger and photography loving husband!!

From planning to execution, being an amazing photographer, knowledgeable guide and generous friend, Suyash is the one I have to thank for making this the most memorable 30th birthday I could have wished for.

Housed in an eco lodge that considerately catered to my plant diet, we feasted every day and enjoyed fireside chats with Suyash, other guests and the naturalists and park guides that accompanied us on our day trips. 9 safaris no less in a week, nature walk, cycling, visiting a temple and locals houses… we’d go back any day.

Thank you Suyash and to everyone we were fortunate to create memories with in bandhavgarh.

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