About Me

About Me

Hey I am Suyash Keshari, you can call me Sushi! I am a 26 years old wildlife presenter and filmmaker.

Wildlife has fascinated me my entire life. It began at a very tender age of four, under the influence and tutelage of my late grandfather. What began as a disgust for animals kept in captivity slowly transformed into love and thirst for learning about the last remaining wild places on our planet. This slowly transformed into much more.

Now I tell stories through images that I hope would evoke passion in hearts and minds across the world, and urge them to play their part in conserving our beautiful natural heritage.

My Motto

“What we can see, we can love, and what we can love, we will fight to protect…”

In the summer of 2019, I quit my Political Advocacy job in Washington D.C., USA, with one goal: to fulfill my childhood dream of having my own wildlife series and influencing people across the globe about the need and urgency to conserve our wild spaces. I spent my childhood in the Central Indian States of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh where my deep affection for wildlife was ignited. My first series is inspired by this very region, its people and its animals.

In December 2019, my series was picked up by WWF International for a web release. You can watch Safari with Suyash (Season 1) by clicking here. I am currently filming Season 2 of this series in South Africa and expect to release by fall-2020.

Fun Fact #2

Suyash Keshari

I spent my childhood in the Central Indian States of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh where my deep affection for wildlife was ignited. I am currently based in New Delhi but most of the time I am traveling in Central India or Africa 😁

Fun Fact #3

Suyash Keshari

But for the past five years I lived in USA. I graduated from Wake Forest University, North Carolina. #GoDeacs 🎩Contrary to popular belief, I did not study photography or zoology, I was a Political Science and International Affairs Major with Minors in Journalism and Entrepreneurship – and I absolutely loved it πŸ€“ .

Fun Fact #4

Suyash Keshari

I really enjoy working out. I have played football/soccer for most of my life. But recently, I have only been able to workout my eyes behind two huge editing screens… but I am sure its gonna be worth it when the series is fully out 🐯

Fun Fact #5

Chef Suyah Keshari

I am a huge foodie. (Sushi loves some sushi 😜) And I love cooking for my close friends and family 🍱I can make awesome pastas, flatbreads, all kinds of grilled meats, Chinese and Thai… pretty much everything except for Indian food haha!

Fun Fact #6

Suyash Keshari

I absolutely love beaches and chasing sunsets πŸŒ… If I could have a house anywhere, it would be by the ocean. Blue water in front of me and a dense tropical forest with mountains behind me… think Hawaii but more remote πŸ˜‰

Fun Fact #7

Coffee Lover

I drink way too much Coffee β˜•οΈIf you want to find a way to my heart then buy me a double shot americano with a hint of milk and a teaspoon of brown sugar. Or you can get me a tall cup of french press. Or wait, it could even be a cold-brew. Or my all time favorite, a nitro cold-brew. Hmm which one is it gonna be? I don’t know you” just have to guess πŸ˜‰

Fun Fact #8

Suyash Keshari

Monsoon season is my favorite time of the year 🌧There is something unbelievably calming about watching rain fall from the heavens and clarify the earth. The trees appear a deep green and everything looks like it has just taken a nice shower… um which it has haha! But I think why I like it the most is because it prompts growth!

Fun Fact #9

Suyash Keshari

A big part of that decision was saying bye to some of my closest friends and my beautiful dog Captain 😩who now lives with his second dad and my best friend in New York. Captain is a Golden-Shephard with a hind of Chow in him. He was adopted from a shelter who found his skinny mother under a staircase of an abandoned house. Unfortunately she passed away, but Captain and his siblings got amazing homes and futures. I have always adopted stray dogs, I believe in #Adopt #DontShop

Fun Fact #10

Suyash Keshari

I really enjoy public speaking and focusing on ways that I can connect with the audience. My public speaking role has been refined over the last few years as a result of my work, both in this field and politics but I surely have a lot more to learn and an even longer way to go!