Chavi Taneja

This one undoubtedly has been one awesome experience that definitely can not be described in words. I came for Tigers but I’ve taken so much more along with me, feeling so connected to wildlife so so deeply like never before. Over and above the greatest sightings, I thoroughly enjoyed the landscape, birds, views, blue skies, golden art of sunsets…the list is infinite. In love with nature all over again and completely awed by each & everything we had there, all thanks to Suyash and his team. Wishin Suyash many more milestones to in this journey and I hope you get an abundance of support from people who have so much to learn and gain from you. 

Shweta Sampat

I want to thank Suyash from the bottom of my heart for the best 5 days I’ve experienced in the wild. His thoughtfulness through every second of the tour is a gift I will always treasure.

He taught me so much. Not just the photography, but also how to be more human through his gestures of kindness throughout the tour.
I have so much gratitude for these unforgettable times filled with great energy, meaningful conversation, so much love and laughter.
This is the first time in ALL my safari trips that I’ve experienced a feeling like THIS.

People like Suyash make this world a nicer place❤ by taking common courtesy to uncommon levels. He really does know how to show people a great time ! And I am truly grateful to him for that.

I’m blessed to have had the chance to have this unmatched experience.

Saba Kapoor

I go for so so so many trips and safaris and I can say without a doubt that this trip is definitely going to be my most recommended one! It was absolutely amazing! Suyash’s passion for what he does is incredible- from his storytelling skills to the way he interacts with the people in his team and the staff. His love for them and his passion is reflected in each and every member of the team. Hats off to you Suyash. At such a young age you have achieved more than most people do in their lifetime. You have learnt so so sooooooo much and you apply it so beautifully.

Thank you for one of the most memorable trips of my life. I promise you- this is the first of many.

This is just the beginning for you- you’re going to go a long long long way! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind. And I promise to forever cheer you on.

Mihir Vora

Words often fall short to describe how grateful I am to have been a part of the amazing tour in March. Wildlife has been very close to my heart since the very beginning and getting to learn so much from Suyash firsthand has amplified it to greater heights. From the very first masterclass to spotting 5 tigers in a day, it’s truly been an amazing journey.

I got to create some of the most amazing memories of my life in this tour. I personally got to learn so much from Suyash about the beautiful diversified wildlife of our country. Being a part of the tour, we got to hear some of the most amazing stories and incidents encountered by Suyash.

I look up to him in many ways and I feel so inspired by the love he has and the bond he shares with these beautiful animals. I truly thank him for hosting these amazing tours, being an inspiration and I look forward to being a part of more tours in the future.

Suyash you have no idea how much I got to learn from you man. I got to know  more about these beautiful animals in a span of 4 days than what I learned my entire life and I am soo grateful for everything that I learnt from you , be it photography or the behavioural patterns of these beautiful animals man.

Varan Mittal

Amazing experience at Safari with Suyash! This was my first solo trip but I didn’t feel alone even for a moment. The experience, hospitality, the people and most importantly the host- Suyash and his fantastic team go over and above in making one feel comfortable and makes it all so memorable. From day 0 it’s action packed and filled with surprises one after another and I’m not even talking about the wildlife yet.

The safari experience is unmatched with minute details taken care of. This ensures the best sightings that only Suyash and his team’s experience can bring. Having been on a lot of safaris across India, Safari with Suyash has been my best experience till date. Being new to photography, Suyash was helpful in guiding me right from the basics very patiently. The tours, by design are not limited just to photography and are an experience by itself. 

Can’t wait to be back on Safari with Suyash for the experience, the stories and the love for wildlife!

P.S. – Suyash makes the wildest coffee in the jungles!

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