Getting Started
But, everyone has a dream. Not all have the true dedication and patience to work for it ⚠️👎🏽 ⚠️So let me also tell you that in order to achieve your dream, you will have to take some of the biggest risks in your life, you will have to make some of the most uncomfortable sacrifices, say heart-wrenching goodbyes, you will have to fail miserably and very often. You will have to work round the clock, and then work some more 🧑🏽‍💻 you will have to put yourself out there more than anybody else and more than ever before, you will have to take harsh criticism and a lot of hurt, but most of all you will have to be PATIENT ⏳ .
Getting Started
Nobody becomes an overnight success. Social Media is full of this fallacy. And if you have ever looked at my profile and thought that way, then I want you to know the truth‼️I had to go through all the above and more to get to this point. And there is still a lot of challenges that I am facing right at this very moment and going through stuff - everyone is- and we will all have to deal with even bigger hurdles in the future too. . I have been dreaming about my own series since I was 4 years old. Though, in my mind I “truly” started putting my life on the line for it just last year, the foundations had already been laid by what I did in the last 19 years of my life. All the curiosity, work, risks, learning, hurt, criticism, disappointments, tears, self-doubt etc. etc. led me to this. It has been the toughest road so far, but also the most fulfilling one. And the real journey HAS JUST BEGUN ✅ . One last thing I want to say to you and also to myself: there will be a lot of people who will not understand your vision and beliefs. There will be a lot of people who will critique your work, never knowing and understanding the true extent of your challenges, hard work and also limitations‼️ . .
Suyash Keshari

I am a passionate storyteller. Writing and telling stories is at the core of my work, I love transporting people into a vivid and natural scene through my ords and photos. Below you will find a running collection of my blog posts.

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