My Story

Through my stories, I like to transport people from across the globe into the most remote places of our planet and show them the pristine yet fragile beauty of that place. I am currently filming a 5-part web series where I take the viewer on a virtual safari with me. Yes its called #SafariWithSuyash and it will be released in November, on any screen near you!


I am an Aquarius, apparently this means I am really sarcastic and have a dry sense of humor (hm I wonder what a wet sense of humor is then)

Some fun facts

Here are some fun facts about me:


I was born in Central India and lived there for most of my childhood. Then I moved to New Delhi.


But for the past five years I lived in USA. I graduated from Wake Forest University, North Carolina. #GoDeacs


I absolutely love beaches and chasing sunsets.


I am a huge foodie. And I love cooking for my close friends and family.


I really enjoy working out. I have played football/soccer for most of my life. But recently, I have gotten into boxing.


I drink way too much Coffee ☕️


Monsoon season is my favorite time of the year.

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