Our Mission

I have always said “what we can see, we can love. And what we can love, we will fight to protect.”

This line was launched a year ago with a goal to donate 100% of the profits towards conservation efforts, and with your help we were able to build 2 waterholes in Bandhavgarh which are now home to tigers, leopards, bears and hundreds of herbivores and birds.

In 2023, as we grow, we want to ensure that we can make bigger conservation impact. And with your support we can do it!

These hand crafted items help fund conservation and also create employment – a win win! 🙌🏽

From our first phase of sales, we built two waterholes, in deficit areas on Bandhavgarh which greatly benefitted the wildlife in that area, including eight tigers, three leopards, two families of sloth bears and many other mammals, birds and reptiles. CLICK HERE to see the waterhole project efforts.

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